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Creating an Atmosphere of Innovation? Just Google It!

Could we take Google’s GooglePlex environment and put into our own departments, campuses or classrooms?

Aug 1

Back-to-School Tech PD - Live Video Sessions

Please pass along this information to any educators looking for technology professional development…

The basic info:
Back-to-School Technology Training
Free, live, online video sessions
Provided by North Canton City Schools
August 13 through 15, 2012

The details:
Get ready for the new school year with great technology professional development sessions. From Monday, August 13, 2012 though Thursday, August 16, 2012, North Canton City Schools will be offering many tech PD sessions covering a wide variety of topics including Google Apps, BYOD, and Twitter. There is something for everyone!

The sessions will be broadcast live on the North Canton City Schools PD website for anyone to watch live. Below is a list of the session titles and times. To get more details, read full session descriptions, and watch the sessions live, please go to:

Monday, August 13, 2012
  • 8am to 10am - Creating Google Sites - The Basics
  • 11am to 12pm - Using Google Forms
  • 1pm to 2pm - The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs
  • 3pm to 4pm - Using Twitter to Learn and Teach
Tuesday, August 14, 2012
  • 11am to 12pm - Using Google Documents
  • 1pm to 2pm - Using Google Calendar
  • 3pm to 4pm - BYOD Overview
Wednesday, August 15, 2012
  • 12pm to 2pm - Creating Google Sites - The Basics
  • 3pm to 4pm - Picasa Web Albums
Thursday, August 16, 2012
  • 9am to 10am - Using Google Spreadsheets
  • 11am to 12pm - Using Gmail
  • 1pm to 2pm - Using Google Presentations
  • 3pm to 4pm - Find New Inspiration with Lucid Chart

Eric Curts

* Technology Director, North Canton City Schools

* 525 - 7th St NE, North Canton, OH 44720

Question for tumblr teachers


Does anyone use an iPad in their instruction? I recently got one (on my own) and am slightly overwhelmed in basically everything. As I am learning to use it, I keep thinking about all the ways it COULD be used in the classroom. Any advice?

You may want to take a look at Lisa Johnson’s resources at:

website - 

iBook -

iphone app - 

All FREE resources.

Telling Lies About U.S. Education

In short, this description of U.S. Education is a pack of lies that smears our nation.

May 5

The Hardest Job Everyone Thinks They Can Do

This piece was inspired by a heated discussion I had with a man who believes that teachers have an easy job. Please feel free to share it with others if you agree with the message.

I used to be a molecular biologist. I spent my days culturing viruses. Sometimes, my experiments would fail…

May 3

The Race to Mediocrity in Texas (by cathymoak)

Apr 2

Is “The Walking Dead” Analogous to Education?

Director of Instructional Technology Carl Hooker’s entertaining and interesting take on the state of education and zombie apocalypse…

Walkers represent the un-informed American public. They wander around with some idea of what life (education) was before they died (or graduated) but really, they don’t have any clue of what it has become. They often “herd” around noisy distractions like talk-show hosts, politicians, or clever columnists, and often rejoice in the fact that education is taking it in the guts right now.

How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom


Many ideas in this article about how technology is changing the classroom.  Even some great tips for those school districts really worried about budgets but still want to offer some sort of technology integration!

Really good article on iPads, iPods, technology integration, and schools on tight budgets.  Some quotes that I really liked:

computer literacy should be taught alongside other subjects rather than confined to a lab

gradually introduce the iPad rather than rushing in.

technology is not a cure-all. Until society addresses the larger problems facing schools, introducing tablets and laptops into packed classrooms with overworked teachers is like putting a band-aid on a broken femur.

rather than adding technology to existing ones….focuses on providing personalized instruction that moves at the pace of each student. Technology only comes into play insofar as it advances that personalized instruction.

Texans Rebel Against Testing



Her strategies are simply amazing. The way the class is captivated by her and how she captures those teachable moments are simply impeccable. I am definitely stealing some of her ideas. What a wonderful teacher!

Mind blown. 

This is just awesome.  I know it was only roughly six minutes but you can tell just from those six minutes that she has her students totally engaged.  I really loved the “Teach!” portion she has them do; I have seen this a few times in some professional development sessions I have attended and think it is a great strategy.  

Enough talking from me, watch this great video, several times; trust me you will want to watch it several times.